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Managing leads is key

Managing leads is key

Leads management, a key

Leads are a cost of doing business and it is critical in any business to manage and convert them swiftly and cost effectively, more so in the fast growing competitive solar industry where a customer has many choices of suppliers.

Generating revenue out of leads is the key part the business. Solar eCRM Leads module provides you a very comprehensive solar leads management tool to support your lead generation and sales teams towards attaining increased revenue goals.

Solar Leads Management tool

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Many ways to capture your Leads

The Leads module provides tools and options to capture your leads. Leads can be captured individually or by bulk upload into the system.

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Motivate your salespeople by assigning leads

Converting leads to sales is the key to growth. It is critical you pass on these leads quickly to the right person for prompt follow up, appointment, presentation and closure. This is where assignment of a lead becomes important. Solar eCRM provides a very simple way to assign the leads to different sales reps.

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Effective Leads Search

The ability to manage a lead after it is created and assigned is critical. A good search tool can help you to do this.

Leads can be extracted on a variety of criteria to manage the lead pool effectively. For example, you can plan a sales rep’s travel by grouping all leads from a suburb. You can reassign a set of leads to another sales rep plus identify leads from a campaign/source, as well as reconciling payments to lead generators.

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Here is what our happy customers want to say

Exceptional reporting in easy, access to latest info at your fingertips.

Imminent Solar Pvt Ltd, Belgaum, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It is a must have software for this new age of solar where it is becoming more and more of a commodity.

Infinergy Power Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Adds tremendous value in automation and ease of running a successful solar company.  A fresh entrant in solar business can begin sending professional quotes with all the ROI figures at a push of a button. 

Solar-Apps, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It’s an exclusive software for solar companies which can easily send professional quotations. Only software where in we can customize it as per our process.

MI Solar Pvt Ltd, Baroda, Gujarat
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Suits our requirements, software that we always needed to streamline our process.

Kwatt Solutions Pvt Ltd, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
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