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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solar eCRM?

Solar eCRM is a sophisticated, yet easy to use online business management system designed specifically for the solar industry. Solar eCRM delivers a CRM ready for solar businesses to use straight away that can manage all of their business processes.

Where was Solar eCRM developed?

Solar eCRM was developed in Australia but is now selling worldwide. Solar eCRM has proven itself as the leading business management software for the solar industry. With industry specific features, Solar eCRM has become an invaluable tool to solar businesses worldwide.

Is my data safe?

Data security is our upmost priority. We have employed a leading cloud based hosting company that features 24/7 security, independently operated to Solar eCRM. Effective mitigation of the risks of a cloud solution is ensured by superior security system management.

How does the Trial period work?

You can try out the full version of Solar eCRM to see if it suits your companies’ needs. Simply sign up for the plan of your choice and enjoy unlimited access for the first month. We will only charge you at the end of the month if you are completely satisfied and want to continue!

Does Solar eCRM let me track my profits?

Yes. Solar eCRM has extensive profit tracking capabilities at every stage of the solar installation process. Know conversion rates for lead generators, sales reps as well as how many KWs you have sold, weekly, monthly or from the beginning of time!

Does Solar eCRM help me bring in new customers?

You are given the ability to manage your leads to ensure there are no more wasted opportunities. You can also impress your customers with your professional yet comprehensive quotes and savings analyses to set you apart from the competition.

How does Solar eCRM help me in installation process?

Solar eCRM automates all the paperwork involved in installation for you! Job packs are sent to installers with the customer’s site details to minimise mistakes. Connection forms are ready to be submitted to ensure that your customer gets the most out of their solar system.

Is a lot of customisation required?

Solar eCRM is an ‘off the shelf’ system. We have done all of the hard work making sure that every feature in Solar eCRM exists to benefit solar businesses. The system however remains very flexible with options to customise certain aspects  of the system to be in line with how your business operates.

Why do I have to pay a sign-up fee?

The sign-up fee ensures that the Solar eCRM will continue to provide your company top-notch support whilst you are using the system. This involves on-going support from the Solar eCRM team through email or on the phone.

Can I backup my data/records?

Yes. You have an option in the system where you can simply choose which module you wish to export your data from and your Solar eCRM system will compile a .CSV file for you.

Do I need to pay Company fee upfront?

Yes, Solar eCRM bills company fee annually. We've found that customers who can commit to a full year of using Solar eCRM will be more successful in the Solar industry in the long run. And since your long term success is our goal we want to encourage those practices that support that goal. Bottom line: Annual contracts make happier customers and we want you to be happy.

Here is what our happy customers want to say

Exceptional reporting in easy, access to latest info at your fingertips.

Imminent Solar Pvt Ltd, Belgaum, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It is a must have software for this new age of solar where it is becoming more and more of a commodity.

Infinergy Power Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Adds tremendous value in automation and ease of running a successful solar company.  A fresh entrant in solar business can begin sending professional quotes with all the ROI figures at a push of a button. 

Solar-Apps, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It’s an exclusive software for solar companies which can easily send professional quotations. Only software where in we can customize it as per our process.

MI Solar Pvt Ltd, Baroda, Gujarat
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Suits our requirements, software that we always needed to streamline our process.

Kwatt Solutions Pvt Ltd, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
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