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Solar Quote Builder

Solar Quote Builder

Quote Builder -
A solar consultant's powerful tool

Now more spending hours in creating quotes, just a few clicks and you can create the most professional looking quotes and WOW your customers. Solar eCrm provides you with a competitive edge in its ‘Quote Builder’ to make the first impression with customers as the best impression. 

Your customer wants you to tell him if;

  • He can fit a 5KW system on his split roof?
  • Is it any good putting solar panels on west side roof and how much power will be lost?
  • Does he need 2KW or 3KW system if panels are on east side to meet his 10KWhr daily needs?
  • What are the savings over 25 years?
  • What is the pay-back period?

How long did it take you to prepare a quote answering all these?

  • And how much more time did it take when a customer wanted few more options in the quotes such as options of premium panels and a choice of a few different inverter brands?

And you forgot to charge the extras in the quote?

  • Say you got the quote accepted and the order confirmed, feeling good over the moon?
  • Then your back office people tell you, your quote doesn’t include 4 extras; double storey charges, split section charges, inadequate travel charges and more!
  • So you realize you forgot to add them and this customer won’t be happy to now pay more after signing your initial contract!

Wrong Product and Price?

  • How about wrong product and pricing used in the quotes, because you had an old spreadsheet and head office did not send you the current one?
  • Now the customer is not happy and you wish had the correct price sheet accessible online and always up to date!

Now the customer is asking for payment plan?

  • Hard to calculate on the spot?
  • You could make more mistakes.
  • No time to revise the quote and send again.
  • Customer wants a discount and he doesn't believe you already have given him the maximum possible?

You will need a system that can handle all these scenarios !

And customer is waiting online to take a look at the revised email quote which also contains the correct contract amounts and spec sheets and you have to remember to call him on Saturday, without fail! You will need a reminder to keep track of this!

You wish you had a proven system which would help you in all this plus another five quotes this morning so you could spend time following up with satisfied customers.

Say Goodbye to sales nightmares! Say Hello to Solar eCRM, our professional business management software.

Here is what our happy customers want to say

Exceptional reporting in easy, access to latest info at your fingertips.

Imminent Solar Pvt Ltd, Belgaum, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It is a must have software for this new age of solar where it is becoming more and more of a commodity.

Infinergy Power Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Adds tremendous value in automation and ease of running a successful solar company.  A fresh entrant in solar business can begin sending professional quotes with all the ROI figures at a push of a button. 

Solar-Apps, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It’s an exclusive software for solar companies which can easily send professional quotations. Only software where in we can customize it as per our process.

MI Solar Pvt Ltd, Baroda, Gujarat
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Suits our requirements, software that we always needed to streamline our process.

Kwatt Solutions Pvt Ltd, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
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