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What is Solar eCRM

What is Solar eCRM

Welcome to Solar eCRM, the first Enterprise Wide Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for the solar industry. 

Solar eCRM is a powerful, online system for managing solar business. Due to the extent of its simplicity and industry specific features, you can start using right away and focus on profit margins.

Unlike any other system on the market, Solar eCRM was built specifically for solar business, based on years of industry experience of a solar retailer. If you are in a solar business, it would be wise to choose this tool, built for the solar industry by solar industry.

Solar eCRM can help your business to grow by giving you the quick and powerful option to add more sales offices. Franchisable growth would definitely be a common target of many businesses. This ability affords you an enormous flexibility in your business growth.

Typical workflow of a solar business

System features start from tools for managing leads, building informative quotations along with savings projections, placing orders, compliance-based pre & post install checklist, assignment to an installer, printable job kit forms, invoicing customers, perform reporting and manage overall business performance.

Looking professional from the start is key in a competitive solar industry, which has now entered the mass market FMCG sector.  A typical work flow of a PV selling business would start with managing expensive leads, converting them to sales, tracking the status of the orders, to hassle free installation. With Solar eCRM you can automate all your activities, with compliance, allowing you to concentrate on growing sales.

One of the cost effective features incorporated in the system is Google maps. It helps you to calculate the roof area of your customer’s site and also allows you to view the sites on leads, quotes, orders and installs.

Using Quote builder & meeting compliance requirements

Compliance is made easy from the start. Solar eCRM uses CEC data for output efficiency, projections on PV outputs and savings, automatic documentation to minimize errors and delays, and it completes the loop with transmission. Quote builder gives you a detailed analysis of the quote, along with system savings projections over 25 years, and financial trend analysis in order to impress your customers.

Communication across the organisation and the system is instant. There are different ways you can submit your information about the customer site such as posting descriptions, site details, comments and order notes. The best part of the communication process becomes evident when specific type of user gets informed about an update through email.

Order management is made simple!

Tracking orders is the core part of a solar panel business, and it is also considered the most stressfull job across the industry. Being a rapidly growing consumer industry, issues often hamper your day-to-day business activities.

The process Solar eCRM uses to manage orders is very unique and extremely well organised. Compliance is a critical part of any business, especially so in the solar industry - you might end up losing license if you ignore it. As a result, the system keeps the work flow aligned with compliance and required guidelines.

Solar eCRM is designed to manage every order as an individual project. By doing this, you can track the full life cycle of an order, from leads through to install, which makes it a comprehensive tool of project management.

Designed by industry experts, Solar eCRM offers an immense capability for solar businesses to easily handle hundreds of jobs - even for a small company. The unique capability of the system removes the stress and puts the fun back in your business!

Tracking your performance

Effective management of your jobs gives you the added advantage of ensuring sustainable growth, and allows you to focus on profitability.

There are a variety of ways you can track your team’s performance, for example sales by product, Sales agency or Sales Rep, state, sales office (franchise), order level and more. Along with sales, you can track profitability.

Reporting feature is a solid tool, enabling your business to focus on creating different types of timely, customised and module specific reports at all levels or analysing for segment. The Trend Wise performance management report will help you with strategic marketing decisions. This kind of feature will enable you to fine-tune your activities, by improving the effectiveness of managing products, and keeping users under your belt.

The most exciting news is its affordability - featuring flexible service models and pricing plans. All plans have been designed to suit the individual needs of any solar business. If you are an installer, a small retailer or a large company, we have the best option for you. Solar eCRM made affordable, allowing your business to grow profitably.

Here is what our happy customers want to say

Exceptional reporting in easy, access to latest info at your fingertips.

Imminent Solar Pvt Ltd, Belgaum, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It is a must have software for this new age of solar where it is becoming more and more of a commodity.

Infinergy Power Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Adds tremendous value in automation and ease of running a successful solar company.  A fresh entrant in solar business can begin sending professional quotes with all the ROI figures at a push of a button. 

Solar-Apps, Bangalore, Karnataka
Here is what our happy customers want to say

It’s an exclusive software for solar companies which can easily send professional quotations. Only software where in we can customize it as per our process.

MI Solar Pvt Ltd, Baroda, Gujarat
Here is what our happy customers want to say

Suits our requirements, software that we always needed to streamline our process.

Kwatt Solutions Pvt Ltd, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
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